lunedì 8 settembre 2014

To Elmar Thome by Sic97

Sic97 has been launched as a platform for recovering the design talent of the sculptor Elmar Thome (Bayern, 1964 - Barcelona, 2005).

Named for the Latin phrase, meaning ‘and thus it was written’ and the collection created by Thome in 1997, Sic97 celebrates the work of German sculptor and designer Elmar Thome whose early death meant the loss of a great talent, that had yet to reach it’s full audience or potential. 

Now with the launch of his original bathroom accessory designs ET and the Toma Lamp, his clever, conceptual designs return again to the spotlight.  Thome's sculptures evoked both brutality and fragility at the same time, using natural and industrial materials as well. They have a timeless quality, that Sic97 has adapted to current manufacturing processes while respecting  the original design. This is an exciting re-launch of an exceptional designer.

Sic97 starts its activity in Barcelona with this collection, but moved by the passion of returning other similar lost designs to the marketplace it is already working on other authors designs that will be presented soon. 

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