venerdì 12 settembre 2014

Paul Cocksedge guest to Ingo Maurer 2003

I met the young Paul Cocksedge at the Milan furniture fair 2003, when he demonstrated the operation of the switching of his lamp, with his little magic... guest from Spazio Krizia to Ingo Maurer.

the switch is based on the natural conductive properties of the graphite found in pencils.
connecting two points with a pencil line completes the circuit and the light is switched on.
when the line is rubbed out the light is switched off.

The beginning of an interesting History.
Paul Cocksedge Studio was founded in 2004 by Paul Cocksedge and Joana Pinho. With a strong and dedicated team of collaborators, the Studio has won national and international acclaim for its original and innovative design, underpinned by research into the limits of technology, materials and manufacturing processes.

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