giovedì 12 luglio 2012

Emeco Rifle test Hudson Chair by Starck

Why test normally, when you can extreme test?
Sure you can load a chair with sandbags to test it’s strength.
But you can also throw it off a bridge.
Durability test?
Cover it in ketchup, mustard and rub it in with burger of course.
Just click below to see how it’s done.

Welcome to the Emeco cinema.
Sit down. Relax. Enjoy some crazy.
We asked Emeco owners to show us what they’ve
been doing with their chairs.

The Hudson chair is a spectacular update backed by an iconic bloodline. Philippe Starck created and named it for Ian Schrager's Hudson Hotel in New York. The Hudson is included in the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art, and was selected by the Chicago Athenaeum as one of the top 100 designs for 2000, winning the prestigious "Good Design Award".

Designed by Philippe Starck    prod. Emeco
make chairs. That’s what we do.
Handmade from 80% recycled Aluminum.
It’s not easy. In fact it takes 77 steps to get there.
Designed to last for 150 years.
Now that’s what we call sustainability.

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